How Did Ben Summon The Smoke Monster?

What did Widmore whisper to Locke?

Ben asks what Widmore said to him.

Locke tells him that he said Desmond was a fail safe; that if he killed the “beloved candidates” he was one final way for Jacob to be sure that he would never leave this place.

Ben asks why Locke is happy that Desmond is still free..

Why did Locke kill Naomi?

He killed Naomi because he didn’t want anyone to leave. … Locke did believe that Naomi was there to hurt’his’ Island though so in his eyes she was a bad person. Locke killed Naomi for the same reason he blew up the submarine – to protect the island from outside contact.

Why did Locke kill himself?

Upon returning to the outside world, Locke, now under the alias Jeremy Bentham, unsuccessfully attempted to convince those who had left the island to return to it. Depressed after failing his mission, he attempted to commit suicide, only to be stopped by Ben right before being strangled to death by him.

Does Sawyer die on Lost?

When Sawyer is shot on the raft his injury, and journey to return to the island camp, leaves him septic and very near death. Despite the discovery of the hatch and all the supplies it has to offer, everyone believes Sawyer will die. He doesn’t. He regains his health and lives.

Is Jack’s dad Claire’s dad?

Jack – Christian is his father. Claire – Christian is her father.

Why did the smoke monster kill the pilot?

Seth Norris (the pilot of flight 815) was murdered by the black smoke because he was communicating with external sources and trying to find a way outside the island.

How does Claire die on Lost?

Back in season four, Claire was taken away mysteriously by her dead(?) father, Christian, leaving her son Aaron behind, who was taken off the island by Kate as one of the Oceanic Six. Later, Locke (the real Locke… I think) met Christian and Claire inside Jacob’s cabin, but something was certainly off about her.

Is the lost island purgatory?

The pair said the island was never purgatory, as widely believed. “No, no, no. They were not dead the whole time,” Cuse said, explaining that footage of the plane wreckage at the end of the show was meant to act as a buffer.

How did the smoke monster become Locke?

When the Oceanic Six came back to the island in season 5, they brought with them the body of John Locke, who had been murdered by Ben (Michael Emerson). The smoke monster then assumed Locke’s form, and manipulated the survivors into joining forces with him.

How was the smoke monster created?

The Smoke Monster Was Created by the Protector, and Commandeered by MiB. … However, the Man in Black, because of his special communion with the island and the dead, was able to take advantage of Mother’s prohibition of violence between him and Jacob to “cheat” death and commandeer the smoke monster for himself.

Why are the numbers cursed in Lost?

In the episode where the numbers were originally introduced, Hurley uses them in the lottery and ends up winning millions of dollars, only to have all sorts of terrible things happen to him, causing him to believe the numbers are cursed. … The numbers weren’t cursed at all, they were just numbers.

Why does Jack see his dad in Lost?

Jack was really seeing his dad because when he went to the caves his coffin was emtey. He saw him, as lot of people saw him, as he is image of Jacob. ANSWER: It was a manifestation of the Island to bring Jack to the caves. Because he was there.

Does Jack know Claire is his sister?

At Christian Shephard’s memorial service, Carole Littleton, who has recovered from her coma, tells Jack she and Christian had a relationship which produced Claire, revealing her to be Jack’s half-sister.

Is everyone dead in Lost?

But no, they were not dead all along after the plane crashed. The flashsideways scenes depict an afterlife that the characters constructed for themselves due to the fact that their time on the island – which was completely real from start to end – was the most important part of their respective lives.

Why does the smoke monster kill Eko?

Eko was killed by the Monster because he failed to atone for or admit to his past sins. Or it could be the opposite, Eko finally atoned for his sins and was ready to die. … Unlike Ben, Eko refused to admit fault and take responsibility for his sins. So, having judged Eko guilty the Monster killed him.

Does Jin die in Lost?

While their attempts manage to stall the bomb’s detonation, Jin is left on the boat during the bomb’s detonation. The freighter explodes and sinks beneath the ocean leading to Sun and the rest of the Oceanic Six believing him to have died in the explosion.

What does the smoke monster represent in Lost?

The smoke monster is established as an antagonist in Lost from the very first episode, “Pilot”. The producers’ initial plan was for the monster to represent the id, in a manner similar to the “id monster” from the 1956 film Forbidden Planet.

Why does the smoke monster make mechanical sounds?

At the conception of the monster, the sounds were random. They wanted a mixture of cool sound textures, but more specifically they wanted a combination of sounds that called to mind the biological and the mechanical. They wanted it to sound indescribable, scary as you put it. It had to sound completely alien.