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Is Makino Luffy’s mother

Answered By: Evan Phillips Date: created: Dec 26 2020

Makino is a very kind woman and she was a close friend of Shanks, his crew, and Luffy.

Makino appears to be a very prominent figure in Foosha Village.

Her fondness for Luffy makes her appear as an adoptive mother or adoptive sister, showing interest in and supporting whatever Luffy’s dream is..

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Does Robin like Zoro

Answered By: Fred Wilson Date: created: Jan 27 2021

After the Alabasta Arc, when Robin had joined the crew, Zoro initially distrusted her, but later on he demonstrates that he cares for her too, as he is willing to fight for her when she is in danger, such as catching her when she was nearly killed by Enel and furiously attacking him for harming her; being the first one …

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Who is roronoa Zoro girlfriend

Answered By: Sean Perez Date: created: Feb 24 2021

Princess Hiyori14 Zoro x Hiyori The Wano Arc has brought a variety of interesting developments for fans, but one thing that’s been exciting for shippers in particular has been the subtle exchanges between Roronoa Zoro and Princess Hiyori.

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Who is Luffy’s mom

Answered By: Howard Jones Date: created: Jan 23 2021

LilyLuffy’s mother is from Amazon Lily and her name is Lily and the reason for joining the revolutionary army is because of Hanckok and her sisters so she wanted revenge for the celestial dragons.

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Does NAMI love Luffy

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Now, arguably, Luffy and Nami have gone through more together, and Nami might even trust Luffy more than Sanji. The rubber-boy did save her life from Arlong and finally broke down the walls that kept her from connecting with anyone. Still, to the fans, these two have never seemed like anything more than close friends.

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Does Zoro laugh

Answered By: Evan Cook Date: created: Nov 10 2020

Zoro did get more serious, but it was back in the Baratie arc. Before that he messed around a lot more, but losing to Mihawk and making his vow sobered him up a bit. … He probably decided to get more serious after his defeat to mihawk, but he does laugh the same amount post and pre timeskip IMO as you can see here.

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Who will be Luffy’s wife

Answered By: Andrew Jenkins Date: created: Sep 24 2020

While Luffy has rejected Boa Hancock’s initial proposal, but Luffy marrying Hancock is possible once he fulfills his goal, just like Gol D. Roger did. The pair of a Pirate King and a Pirate Empress is nothing but a perfect One Piece ship.

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Who married Sanji

Answered By: Charles Perez Date: created: Aug 07 2020

Sanji also proposed marriage to Charlotte Pudding, although they were already arranged to be married and he only did it in order to put himself at peace with this path. Boa Hancock has repeatedly proposed marriage to Luffy, but he always rejects her advances and proposals.

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Is Lily Luffy’s mom

Answered By: Benjamin Nelson Date: created: Mar 06 2021

Lily is Luffy’s legitament heir. She is the daughter of Monkey D. Luffy and Boa Hancock.

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Does Zoro kill pica

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Zoro answered in a similar manner to Kyros, enraging Pica. Declaring that Doflamingo was the only king deserving to rule Dressrosa, he then left Zoro and inhabited the statue, making his way towards the Old King’s Plateau with the intent to kill King Riku and everyone else on the plateau. Zoro defeats Pica.

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Who slept with Zoro

Answered By: Blake Price Date: created: May 26 2021

HiyoriHiyori sleeping on Zoro from Chapter 941.

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Can Zoro use RYOU

Answered By: Jonathan Martinez Date: created: Sep 21 2020

10 Advanced Ryou: Roronoa Zoro He specializes in Armament Haki usage as it helps him increase the cutting power of his blades. … It goes without saying that by the end of the story, Zoro will have access to the advanced level of Ryou.

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Does Zoro love Sanji

Answered By: Oscar Gonzalez Date: created: Nov 09 2020

Clearly Sanji is attracted to Zoro so he projects this “love for all girls” persona non stop. When Sanji tried to step in for Zoro he saw this and during his second encounter Kuma sends him to Newkama Island to get in touch with his Newkama self.

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Did Zoro sleep with hiyori

Answered By: Chase Gray Date: created: May 02 2020

After their conversation, Hiyori wondered if she should meet her brother. Hiyori and Toko then slept with Zoro and later woke up to meet Brook.

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Does NAMI eat a devil fruit

Answered By: Cameron Martinez Date: created: Jan 24 2021

Nami is already very powerful, and she has tremendous room to grow. She could possibly gain Prometheus in the future, and wield Haki too. As such, there’s absolutely no need for her to eat a Devil Fruit. … So he would not eat a devil fruit.

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Does Zoro cry

Answered By: Morgan Phillips Date: created: Aug 26 2020

Yeah pretty sure. Zoro hasn’t cried since and Sanji didn’t cry again til WCI. Well, I recall that he cried when he saw the mermaids at Fishman Island, though that was surely more out of comedy than out of bitterness/sadness.

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Who does Zoro kill

Answered By: Owen Bailey Date: created: May 24 2020

Mr. 7Zoro killed Mr. 7 in the past.

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Does Zoro have a love interest

Answered By: Jason Bailey Date: created: Jun 17 2021

Roronoa zoro’s current love is only his swords and his sword style. But in series it has been observed that he is interested in tashigi because of his similarity to his childhood friend kuina. It may be interesting to see their love story.

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Does Zoro kill anyone

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The Straw Hats have never been seen directly murdering anyone, but Zoro flat out admitted to killing the former Baroque Works Mr. … Luffy, Nami, Sanji, and Usopp are the most likely Straw Hats to have never killed…. but Luffy does cause a lot of collateral damage.

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Who is older Sanji or Zoro

Answered By: Cyrus Davis Date: created: Dec 21 2020

Zoro and Sanji were 19 years old pre-timeskip, and 21 years old post-timeskip. Nami was 18 years old pre-timeskip, and 20 years old post-timeskip. Chopper was 15 years old pre-timeskip, and 17 years old post-timeskip.

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How old is Luffy’s mom

Answered By: David Gray Date: created: May 27 2021

Jewelry Bonney is about 24 to 25 years old, she is a pirate with her own crew and she is also one of the 12 pirates of the Worst Generation. So, she is not the mother of Luffy.

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